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Microscopy: The Complete Image

Do you want to add to your skills in Scanning, Transmission, Optical Light, or General Microscopy?


Are you working in a lab that requires you to be proficient in all fields of microscopy?


If the answer is yes to either of those questions, then this is the class for you! Walk away in two short weeks with the ability to run and be proficient in all aspects of specimen preparation and biological materials. Be a glowing asset in any lab you walk into!



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Lecture, demonstration and lots of personal hands-on training and application of electron microscopy techniques.


Main Curriculum

  • Optical Light Microscope
  • Biological Sample Preparation
  • Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Scanning Electron Microscope


Instruments Available

  • Reichert-Jung Polyvar
  • Jenco
  • Hitachi S3500
  • Zeiss 10C
  • Leica EM UC7 (RT & Cryo)
  • Boeckeler RMC PowerTome (RT & Cryo)
  • Lynx II automated tissue processor
  • EMS 9000 microwave


Enrollment Note

Registration will be limited to 4-6 participants.
EMS will provide samples to those who prefer not to bring their own.

Microscopy: The Complete Image

  • This 2-week intensive course will prepare participants to enter the field of microscopy with a strong emphasis on electron microscopy specifically. Both in-depth theory and extensive hands-on lab work in specimen preparation methodologies, instrumentation, and image assessment are the prime focus of this course.


    Sample preparation will cover cell/tissue requirements, tonicity, buffers, fixatives evaluation, fixation, dehydration and embedment. The process of microtomy, 0.5 µm and 60 nm, for OLM and TEM respectively, will take up a significant portion of the hands-on lab exercises. The theory and practical operation of the OLM, SEM, and TEM will complete the course and give the participant the information and skills necessary to function as an electron microscopy technician.

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