Aurion Immunogold Silver Staining

Three days of hands-on training for students, researchers, and microscopists who want to learn the most up to date theory and practice in immunogold labeling.



Wednesday - Friday
April 15 - 17, 2020

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA


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The EMS Microscopy Academy
Located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, the Academy provides electron microscopy classes, workshops and training sessions for all fields of microscopy, including materials science and biological science.



Lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice, as well as round table discussion. Participants may bring their own samples to work on during lab time.

Note: Specimens need to be "ready to use", e.g., sections of chemically fixed cells on coverslips. For each combination of primary antibody and gold conjugate that you want to test during the workshop, you need at least 3, preferably 4, specimens. This enables you to test different dilutions of the primary antibody and to check the immunogold/silver reagents (negative control).

For pre-embedment immuno labeling, also include specimens that will be immuno labeled for evaluation on the light microscope. These specimens are used to check if the experiment is successful. During the workshop there is no time/option to further process pre-embedment specimens for EM evaluation. Plastic embedment and sectioning needs to be done at your own facility.


Main Curriculum

  • Gold nanoparticle conjugation
  • Theory underlying Immunogold labeling protocols
  • Silver enhancement of gold particles
  • Immunogold labeling on a variety of sample preparations of OLM
  • Immunogold labeling for EM
    • Pre-embedment immunogold labeling using ultra small gold conjugates and silver enhancement
    • Post-embedment immunogold labeling on plastic and ToKuyasu cryo sections using conventional colloidal conjugates and ultra small gold conjugates
    • Manual and automated immunogold labeling
  • Pre/Post-embedment double Immunogold labeling
  • Background minimization in Immunogold labeling
  • Troubleshooting


Instruments Available

  • Zeiss TEM
  • Inverted Light Microscope
  • Transmitted Light Microscope
  • Orbital Shakers
  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • PH Meter


Enrollment Note

Registration will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants.
EMS will provide samples to those who prefer not to bring their own.

Aurion Immunogold Silver Staining

  • The objective of the course is to provide researchers with the opportunity to learn the theory and practice of immunogold labeling. Participants will process their own samples under the expert guidance of our tutors, who are experts in immunogold silver staining techniques.


    During the workshop attendees will receive theory, including but not limited to immune detection, in situ hybridization, silver enhancement, as well as background issues. There will be time for practice, as well. Attendees will be able to work with their own specimens, as well as ones we will have prepared. A full review of incubation methods, testing of antigenicity and reactivity, complete principles of immunogold labeling, and preparation of conjugates for EM and LM will be covered.