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Introduction to Microscopy Techniques

This course will give participants an overview of specimen preparation requirements.



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Targeted Participants

Individuals who are new to the field of microscopy with little or no experience with specimen processing, microtomy, or instrumentation.



Lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice, as well as round table tips and tricks discussions.


Main Curriculum

  • Specimen chemical preparation, theory and practical lab work, for OLM, TEM, and SEM
  • Sectioning for OLM (0.5 µm), TEM (100-60 nm)
  • Critical Point Drying (CPD) and HMDS prep for SEM
  • Instrument theory and hands on operation for OLM, TEM, and SEM


Instruments Available

  • Hitachi S3500 SEM
  • Leica UC7 Microtome
  • Zeiss TEM
  • Q150T Coater
  • RMC Power Tome XL
  • EMS 9000 Microwave
  • Lynx II Processor
  • K850 CPD
  • K750X Freeze Dryer


Enrollment Note

Registration will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants.
EMS will provide samples to those who prefer not to bring their own.

Introduction to Microscopy Techniques

  • This course will give participants an overview of the specimen preparation requirements, basic skill sets, and instrument theory/operation needed to perform as a technician in an electron microscopy laboratory.

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